Why Are Yeast Infections So Common in the Summer?

Nothing ruins your summer more than a yeast infection and, inevitably, these burning, itchy nuisances rear their ugly heads during warmer weather. Why is that? Let’s talk about yeast infections. We know. It’s not a pleasant subject, but Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN can help you prevent them over the next couple of months (and all year-long) if you understand better what causes them and how to stop them.

Fungi Love Warm Weather

The fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections is called candida albicans. As with most fungi, candida albicans thrives in warm, wet conditions, which is why you are more prone to getting a yeast infection in hot weather. If you spend your weekends in the pool and exercise daily in tight workout pants, you’re unintentionally creating the ideal conditions for candida albicans. The weather is hot, your body is warm, and your swimsuit or workout clothing gets wet and rests against your pubic area.

Preventing Fungal Growth

This does not mean you cannot swim or stay in shape this summer. You just need to keep in mind what the fungus likes so you can prevent it. Change out of your swimsuit and workout clothes once you’re done. Always have a spare set of clothes to change into if you get too hot and sweaty. Wear cotton as much as possible, especially cotton undergarments. Cotton breathes, which keeps you cool down there. Wear loose clothing, too. Tight clothing encourages moisture. You can also

  • Avoid hot tubs, as they are known bacteria breeding grounds. If you do hop in the hot tub, make sure it’s clean and sanitized and bathe afterward and dry completely.
  • Keep it airy down there. You don’t have to go commando, but avoid wearing pantyhose and tights. Show off your sexy legs au natural in your miniskirt.
  • Eat yogurt and drink kefir. Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream and kefir is loaded with probiotics. The best ones for – ahem – down there are L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri.
  • Avoid wearing thongs. Whether your underwear or a swimsuit bottom, things irritate your genitals, so save the sexy bottoms for a night of passion only.

Finally, if you suffer miserably from yeast infections every summer (or year-round), you may need some intervention in the form of a fluconazole prescription. Fluconazole is a powerful anti-fungal medication that can help prevent yeast overgrowth if you still get yeast infections despite your best efforts at avoiding them. Talk with us about it and we’ll determine the best treatment options for you this summer and throughout the year.

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