Why Is Sex Painful Sometimes

Sexual intercourse should be a pleasurable, intimate moment between yourself and your partner. In some instances, having sex could be painful, and there are many reasons why this could occur. If you’re experiencing occasional pain during sex, it’s important to know the underlying cause in case you need to seek treatment from your doctor. Read on to learn some of the most common reasons why sex could be painful.

Not Enough Lubrication

When you have sex, the vaginal walls typically produce a natural lubricant to make things more comfortable. If your body is not producing enough lubrication, it can cause pain. Low lubrication levels can be caused by low estrogen levels, making the vaginal tissue more fragile and more sensitive. This can occur after childbirth, during menopause, after breast cancer, or if you are currently taking any form of hormone therapy. You can use a store-bought lubricant to help increase your comfort level.

You Have a Localized Infection

Sometimes, conditions like a yeast infection can make sex painful or uncomfortable. Any friction you feel will cause the inflection to flare up. This results in itchiness and stinging. Other localized infections that can cause these issues to include herpes that is located in the genital area. Talk to your doctor about ways you can clear up these infections to minimize pain and irritation.

You’re Experiencing Irritation

There is a wide range of products that could create a feeling of irritation in the vaginal area. Some of these products include birth control foams, creams, or jellies. Try a different brand to see if the irritation subsides, or you want to consider using a different method of bird control. Some people are extremely sensitive to latex, which is often used in condoms. You can try condoms made of polyurethane if you think that could be what’s causing you to feel irritation or pain. Other products that may cause irritation include scented tampons, vaginal deodorant products, douches, and even bubble baths and body washes.

Pelvic Pain

If you feel extreme internal pain during sex, it could be caused by small tears or scarring in the pelvic area. This area consists of ligaments that support your uterus, and it can be sensitive under certain conditions. You could have a small tear if you’ve recently experienced childbirth or pelvic surgery. You may also have an infection of the cervix, uterus, or fallopian tubes that is making sex a painful experience. Other causes may include an untreated sexually transmitted disease. Regardless of the reason, if you think you have any form of pelvic tearing or a possible infection, see your doctor as soon as possible.

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