When Is Spotting Normal During Pregnancy?

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Spotting during pregnancy is frightening but it isn’t always a sign of trouble. Many women spot in the early stages of their pregnancy. About 20 percent of pregnant women have seen blood spotting during the first 12 weeks, and this spotting was caused by things other than fetal stress. Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN explains why you might spot even though you’re expecting.

Spotting Vs. Bleeding

Spotting is a few blood droplets on your panties or a touch of blood when you wipe after you use the restroom. The blood might be pink, red, dark red or brown. Generally, the amount of blood you see would not fill a pantiliner; you’re bleeding if you see more blood than that. If you are bleeding, call your OB/GYN immediately. If your bleeding profusely and/or experiencing pain or cramping, go to the ER.

What Causes Normal Spotting During Pregnancy?

There are several things that might make you spot while you are pregnant and the first thing is when the beauty of pregnancy occurs. When a fertilized egg attaches itself to your uterine lining, you might shed a tiny bit of the lining. This bleeding is called implantation bleeding, and it’s normal to bleed lightly for a couple of days after the egg has implanted itself into your uterus.

Your cervix might also have a polyp, which is a harmless growth. Many women have cervical polyps and don’t realize they do unless they are big enough to be seen during a pap smear. Increased estrogen levels during pregnancy can cause the polyp to bleed, as can pregnancy exams and sexual intercourse. In fact, sometimes you will spot after sex or after a vaginal ultrasound even if you don’t have polyps.

Finally, lifting heaving objects and too much exercise can cause you to spot during your pregnancy. No, you don’t have to remain seated all the time and be waited on hand and foot – although, that would be nice – but you do need to take it easier. Think about things before you do them. If you are several months pregnant, you shouldn’t lug that 50-pound bag of dog food from the trunk into the garage.

How to Prevent Spotting

Aside from the above, you can also help prevent spotting throughout your pregnancy by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Give yourself a break and rest when you need it. Take quick cat naps daily. Stay off your feet if you’re tired and elevate them whenever you can. Don’t lift anything over 10 pounds, and be smart about your physical activity. Talk with your OB/GYN about an exercise plan.

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN is located in Stockbridge, GA, and we’d be happy to discuss with you what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy. Call us today at 770-474-1919 to set up an appointment.

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