Well Woman Exam: Facts and Tips for Your Visit

Facts and Tips for Your Woman’s Health Visit

No matter who you are, there is power in prevention. Many common diseases and chronic illnesses, from heart disease and diabetes to stroke and many forms of cancers, can be successful treated if spotted early. If you wait until you have symptoms, you could be limiting your treatment options and compromising your good health.

Even if you feel perfectly fine, you should schedule a wellness exam with your gynecologist. Many gynecological cancers, as well as some other common illnesses, have no symptoms, and that means an annual well woman exam is your best defense.

Preventing Cancer

One of the biggest benefits of an annual well woman exam is the prevention of cancer. An annual pap smear can spot early changes that could indicate big problems down the road. By scheduling your annual pap smear, you help protect yourself from cancer and other serious gynecological problems.

An annual pap smear is recommended for all women 21 years of age and older. Whether you are returning for your annual exam or scheduling your first one, we encourage you to share your family history and any medical concerns. A complete understanding of your current health and the history of your family can help us design a preventative treatment regimen just for you.

Birth Control Options

Discussions of birth control options and sexual health is another big benefit of the annual well woman exam. When you arrive for your exam, your doctor will discuss any birth control needs you may have, including oral contraceptives, implantable options and long-lasting forms of pregnancy prevention.

The prevention of unplanned pregnancies is a big responsibility for women and their partners, and your doctor can lay out the options and help you choose the one that makes the most sense given your lifestyle and preferences.

Yearly Mammograms

Breast cancer is a serious problem, but detecting it early can make a huge difference in your prognosis. Your doctor may recommend a mammogram as part of your annual well woman visit, and they will discuss your various options and help you interpret the results.

If you have any concerns about your annual mammogram, pap smear or any other aspects of your well woman visit, you should discuss those concerns with your doctor. Scheduling a full slate of preventative screenings can give you peace of mind and help you understand the current state of your health. If you have not yet scheduled your annual well woman exam, the staff at Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN can help you assess your needs, choose the right gynecological tests and screening and let you know what to expect when you arrive.

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