When Should I Wear Pads Instead of Tampons?

In a previous blog post, we talked about tampons. Now, let’s talk about pads. Whether you should wear pads or tampons is completely up to you, but there are times when pads are the better choice. Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN might recommend one or the other depending on your physical health and your menstruation cycle. Generally, however, here are some times when pads are the better choice.

Heavy Flow

Extra-large tampons can handle heavy flow, but some women find them uncomfortable to insert, wear, and remove. In addition, if you forget about your tampon, which can happen, it can leak blood all over your underwear. Pads, especially large or overnight ones, do a better job of protecting your panties, so if you’re prone to super-heavy flow, you might find you’ll have fewer bloodstains with pads.

Easy to Use

Women who suffer from endometriosis or severely painful menses might do better with pads for one simple reason: They don’t have to insert them into the vagina. Endometriosis in particular can make tampon insertion uncomfortable. On top of that, most women with endometriosis also have heavy periods. Pads are often better for those who suffer from endometriosis or painful periods.

Zero TSS Fears

Tampons can cause a fatal condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. Because the tampon is inserted and stays in the vagina, harmful and toxic bacteria can build up, especially if you don’t change your tampons as often as you should. Pads do not cause TSS, nor do they irritate vaginal infections (if you’re prone to them) because they are an exterior menstrual solution rather than an interior one.

Overnight Protection

To reduce the risk of TSS, tampons must be changed every four-to-six hours. Wearing them any longer increases your risk of TSS and other complications. You don’t have to change your pad every four to six hours, which means you can sleep through the night. If your flow is heavy, use overnight pads to prevent leaks. Pads work well if you’re busy all day, too, and often forget to change your tampon.

Vaginal Atrophy

Although vaginal atrophy (severe vaginal dryness) is usually associated with menopause, some younger women suffer from vaginal dryness, as well. This can make wearing tampons very uncomfortable, especially when it’s time to take them out. If you feel as if you’re ripping out your vagina when you try to remove your tampon, you might want to switch to pads to avoid the discomfort.

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