Thermiva vaginal rejuvenation

ThermiVa® Vaginal Rejuvenation

Discussing intimate matters like vaginal rejuvenation is never an easy, or a comfortable, thing to do. Even if you trust your doctor, it is sometimes difficult to talk about issues surrounding intimacy, sexuality and comfort.

If you have been putting off getting the care you need, or believing that nothing could be done, you might want to change your mind. Thanks to the minimally invasive electrocoagulation technique known as ThermiVa®, you can enjoy better vaginal health, more comfortable intimacy and a host of other benefits.

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The ThermiVa® application uses a special radiofrequency beam of energy to gently heat the tissue surrounding the vaginal area. If you feel that ThermiVa® would be of benefit to you, it is important to discuss your health goals, and any concerns, with your doctor. Your doctor can determine whether ThermiVa® is the right choice for you, and guide you through the treatment process.

You should not have the ThermiVa® if you are currently pregnant, or if you have a primary urinary tract infection or an infection of the skin surrounding the area to be treated. Before you have the treatment, your doctor will perform a careful examination to make sure you are a good candidate for ThermiVa®, and that you are free of any infection or other health issues.

Awake During The Procedure

Patients will be awake during the ThermiVa® treatment, and they will be carefully monitored throughout the process to ensure there are no negative side effects or unexpected symptoms.

If you plan to have the ThermiVa® treatment, you will be made aware of potential side effects, including pain in the area where the procedure was performed, edema and arrhythmia during the procedure.

Discuss With Eagles Landing OB/GYN

If you feel you could benefit from ThermiVa® treatment, you should discuss the issue with your doctor as soon as possible. The state-of-the-art ThermiVa® treatment can provide a number of important benefits for women and their partners, including making intimacy more fulfilling and tightening and toning the entire vaginal area.

Unlike other forms of vaginal rejuvenation, the ThermiVa® procedure is virtually pain free. Less discomfort means that you can enjoy life on your own terms, without concern or pain.

Another benefit of the ThermiVa® procedure is that there is virtually no recovery time. You can have the procedure in the morning, then go home and exercise, enjoy intimate relations with your partner and enjoy your life as you always have. If you have been putting off the concerns you have about intimacy and vaginal rejuvenation, now is the time to act. Thanks to the minimally invasive ThermiVa® procedure, you can address your concerns and get on with the rest of your life.

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