Talking With Your Daughter About Sexuality

We get it here at Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN. Talking with your daughter about sexuality can be uncomfortable for you and embarrassing for her. Regardless, we cannot stress enough the importance of being open and honest with your daughter about sex, her development, and her periods. This gives her the confidence she needs when she reaches sexual maturity to be able to handle her sexuality responsibly. Here are some topics that you can use when you talk with your daughter about sex.

Talk With Her About Adolescence

Adolescence is an unbelievably confusing time for both girls and boys. Their bodies are changing quickly, and they are experiencing feelings that they don’t understand. For a young woman, she will begin to develop her breasts, and she will start menstruating. Many young girls look forward to this because it is a milestone toward their maturity. Talk with your daughter about what she can expect when she enters into adolescence, especially some of the emotional changes she may feel.

Talk With Her About Her Period

Your daughter also needs to learn about menstruation. The first time she sees blood on her underwear has the potential to frighten her horribly if she doesn’t understand what is going on. Find a book or an online resource to explain to her not only physiologically but also from your own experience why she is menstruating and what she can expect. Discuss with her that she may feel emotional, she may get bloated, she may have more acne, and her period could be painful among other things.

Talk With Her About Sex, Safe Sex, and Sexual Preference

Sex is an important topic to have with any preteen. Talk with your daughter about sex, what it is, and how it affects her body. Discuss sexually-transmitted diseases and the reasons why safe sex is so important. Discuss birth control with her and, in today’s age, it’s important to talk with your daughter about sexual preference. Many teens struggle with feelings for the same sex that become extremely confusing to them. Talk with your teen honestly about sexual and gender identity.

Talk With Her About Pap Smears and Female Exams

Finally, be honest with your daughter about what she can expect before she has her first gynecological exam. Talk with her about pap smears, how they are performed, and what your daughter can expect. Many teens are frightened and feel violated by a pelvic exam, which is why it is important to discuss these exams with your daughter and why they are necessary. Open and honest discussion about sex and femininity is the best thing for your teen and her future.

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