What Are the Signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Rare but life-threatening, if you’ve read the warning label on your tampons you’ve heard of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This is a syndrome that introduces potentially deadly toxins into your bloodstream. The toxins are caused by bacteria that, in the case of tampons, can build up in your vagina and be introduced into your bloodstream through minor tears in the vaginal walls. This is why it is crucial you never leave a tampon in too long. Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN talks more about TSS below and the signs of TSS.

Types of TSS Bacteria

There are three different types of bacteria that cause toxic shock syndrome. They are Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Clostridium sordellii (C. sordellii). In order to properly treat TSS, we must first determine the bacteria that has caused the toxicity in your bloodstream. One way to do this is to match your symptoms to the bacterium. Each bacteria causes different TSS symptoms.

Common TSS Symptoms

The most common symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are confusion and fever, but kidney problems, low blood pressure, rash, and respiratory problems can also occur. The severity of the symptoms will depend on how badly you are being poisoned by the toxins in your bloodstream. If you have severe toxicity, as we have mentioned above, TSS can actually be fatal. These symptoms range from minor to severe, but even if you only have minor symptoms, it’s important to act quickly to avoid further blood toxicity.

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN in Stockbridge, GA, would be happy to exam and test you for TSS. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment if you suspect you have it.

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