Pregnant? Here Are Some Foods to Avoid

If you’re pregnant, you’re probably doing a ton of homework to find out the best things to consume for your body during this exciting time. Everyone knows that you should avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking alcohol while pregnant, but what about the foods you eat? Certain food can have a negative effect on your baby’s health, so it’s good to know what types of food to stay away from. Read on to learn more about some foods pregnant women should avoid.

Certain Meats

Never eat raw or undercooked meat while pregnant. Any meat that is bloody or raw could contain salmonella and dangerous parasites. These parasites can cause horrible flu-like symptoms that are not only unpleasant for you, but they’re also dangerous for an unborn child. Your immune system is changing to accommodate and protect your baby, and you don’t want to compromise that by eating undercooked meat. Deli meat should also be avoided since it may carry listeria. Listeria can infect your baby by entering the placenta and can even cause a miscarriage.

Fish with High Levels of Mercury

Fish is a healthy food, but you should avoid eating species like king mackerel, swordfish, and shark while pregnant. These types of fish can contain a high level of mercury that can cause brain damage and other developmental issues for your baby. Some tuna that you find canned in the grocery store may be safe, but it should only be eaten in moderation. You should also avoid eating raw shellfish like oysters or sushi since they tend to have high levels of harmful bacteria.

Avoid Raw Eggs

While you probably don’t eat raw eggs anyway, they can be present in things like homemade cookie dough or other baked goods. Other foods to stay away from include items like Caesar dressing, ice cream, and mayonnaise. Anything made with pasteurized eggs should be fine, but ingredients containing raw eggs should be avoided due to the possible exposure to salmonella. Aside from raw eggs, stay away from soft cheeses like gorgonzola, brie, camembert, and Roquefort which can contain listeria.

If you’re ever in doubt about which foods to avoid while pregnant, talk to your doctor. They can provide you with a complete list of items you should stay away from until your baby is born.  

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