Your Period Does Not Have to Ruin Your Summer Fun

Summer is here and so is your period; this does not mean everything is ruined. You can still have a blast this summer while menstruating. You can even go on vacation if you haven’t already. Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN suggests the following to keep the good times flowing despite the flow. If you take of yourself, your period will not take over you, even during summer activities.

Know Where the Bathroom Is

Keep an eye on your calendar so you know when to expect your period and then always know where the bathroom is, even at the beach. You might have to run to one quickly because your period started or you have to stop an embarrassing leak before it starts.

Stay Active

Don’t let your period get you down. Unless you’re having really bad cramps and a super-heavy flow, stay active. Exercise helps reduce bloating and keep cramps at bay. You shouldn’t run a marathon, but stay active while on your period with relaxing exercise routines such as yoga.

Keep Supplies

Going to the beach? Put tampons in your beach bag. Heading out with friends? Put tampons in your purse. If you prefer to use pads, keep plenty of them on hand wherever you are. If you always have a supply with you, you won’t need to worry if your period starts.

Avoid Things That Make You Bloat

It’s bad enough to wear your bikini when your period has you all bloated; don’t exacerbate bloating with foods and drinks. Specifically, broccoli, salt, junk food, whole grains, and carbonated beverages can add to your already-bloated belly. Eat healthy, but avoid retaining water.

But, Drink Water

Did you know that your body will hold onto the water inside of it if you’re dehydrated? In other words, you’ll bloat even more. Drink plenty of water to prevent additional bloating caused by dehydration. Sorry soda-lovers, but water is the best hydrating drink.

Don’t Wax

Finally, cancel your bikini wax if it’s scheduled right before or during your period. When you’re menstruating, you’re pain tolerance decreases. It’s better to shave during this time of the month, but if you insist on a wax, take a pain reliever first.

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