7 Tips To Alleviate Morning Sickness

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Pregnancy is wonderful; morning sickness is not. Don’t let this first-trimester symptom ruin your special time. You can alleviate morning sickness with some simple lifestyle changes. They might not make your morning sickness go away completely, but they will help according to Mayo Clinic. In fact, Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN has found these tips to be effective for its patients, too.

Understand Food Triggers

Foods that are easy to digest help prevent morning sickness. These are foods that are low-fat and have plenty of protein. Bland foods also help, such as toast, applesauce, and bananas. You should not eat a fatty, greasy or spicy breakfast or at anytime else during the day if those foods irritate your stomach.

Eat Frequently

Snacking helps stave nausea. In fact, most women find that if they snack on a few soda crackers before they get out of bed, they start their day with less or zero nausea. Remember, you’re eating for two, so eat frequently. Nibble on snacks throughout the day and never skip a meal when you’re pregnant.


Do not allow yourself to become dehydrated while you’re pregnant. Mayo Clinic recommends at least six to eight cups of fluids a day. Make sure the fluids do not contain caffeine and, honestly, water really is best. Sip the drinks, don’t gulp them, and add a little lemon, lime or ginger for flavor.

Focus on Your Triggers

Keep a diary of what you eat so you can identify which foods trigger your nausea. Eliminate the foods that make you feel nauseous to see if that helps. After your first trimester, which is the usual duration or morning sickness for most women, you can try to introduce those foods into your diet again.

Get Outside

If it isn’t too cold outside, head outdoors and take a short walk. The fresh air often helps stave morning sickness symptoms and the walk is good for both you and your baby. Sometimes it’s not possible to head outdoors so open a window and breathe in the fresh air.

Don’t Take Prenatal Vitamins on an Empty Stomach

Some women experience nausea after taking their prenatal vitamins. It’s best to take these vitamins with food in your stomach. Many women take them in the morning with their breakfast, but you can also take them at lunch or dinner. If this doesn’t work, talk with your OB/GYN.

Rinse Your Mouth

Finally, if you do vomit, which we hope you don’t, make sure to rinse out your mouth. Not only does stomach acid damage teeth, but the taste can also make you nauseous and you might vomit again. If you can, brush your teeth. The taste of the mint might help settle your stomach.

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