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As women age, they experience a wide range of changes to their bodies thanks to fluctuations in hormones and some environmental effects. The tone and natural elasticity of the skin start to weaken, and this can make your skin less supple, resulting in sagging and drooping. While you can easily get cosmetic procedures to smooth your facial skin for a more youthful appearance, intimate areas of the body are often overlooked. A procedure called a labiaplasty can improve the skin in the labial and vaginal areas and can also improve muscle strength in the vagina. At Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN, Dr. Rao MD can perform a labiaplasty as a cosmetic procedure. The cost of this procedure is out-of-pocket, but many women find it to be well worth it.

Defining Labiaplasty

The purpose of a labiaplasty is to reduce the length of your labia minora. This part of the body can vary in size and shape, but it can become longer or start to sag as a result of aging or childbirth. If you’ve had more than one child, your vaginal muscles can become fatigued and the labia become stretched. This can make it more difficult to return to its original shape. A reduction of collagen and elastin in the skin is common with aging, which is another cause for labial skin issues. A stretched labia can be uncomfortable, or it could be embarrassing for some women. The labiaplasty surgically shortens the labia to give you relief from pain and discomfort. It also restores the appearance of your vagina for increased self-confidence.

Procedure Types

Each patient has individual needs, and there are two main techniques involving labiaplasty. Edge resection is one choice, and it’s also called the trim method. This technique reduces the length of labia by trimming any excess skin and then stitching it closed using sutures. This is a simple outpatient procedure with a very low risk for complication. Another method is called the wedge method. This form of labiaplasty reduces excess bulk from the area and corrects issues by removing a wedge-shaped section of the labia minora. It’s also an outpatient surgery. Both procedures should take less than two hours and can be performed with either general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Recovery and Potential Risks

The recovery after labiaplasty is fairly simple, and you may just need to take a few days off from work. You will likely feel a small amount of discomfort and swelling, but this is only temporary. You can treat the area with ice and by taking over-the-counter pain medication. Some patients may require up to six weeks or more for all of the swelling to subside. There are a few minimal risks to this procedure including light bleeding and possible infection. Some patients may get asymmetrical results or may have permanent scarring. Other possible risks include a loss of sensation, painful intercourse, or vaginal dryness.

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN in Stockbridge, GA offers labiaplasty as a cosmetic procedure. For any questions or concerns this procedure or to make an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 770-474-1919.