Four Signs of a Yeast Infection that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN knows that sometimes symptoms can be confusing. That’s especially true if you’re dealing with your first yeast infection or you’re experiencing a much bigger yeast infection than you’ve ever had before. Knowing what symptoms to be aware of can help you to get treatment much sooner, which increases your chances of healing much sooner, too.

You’ve Got an Itchy, Burning Feeling

Yeast infections are famous for causing a burning, itching sensation. You might experience this just around your labia, or you might feel burning and itching in your vagina. The sensations might be worse when you urinate or when you have sex. Your vagina may also be sore and you might feel cramps, even if you’re not about to start your period.

You’re Noticing a Rash

You might also develop a rash, externally, internally, or both. The rash might be a mild one, with just some redness. It could also cause swelling and more pain. If the rash is internal, you may feel as if it’s difficult to urinate or that your underwear are chafing. The rash may get worse if you’re experiencing a lot of itching and you try to scratch.

You’re Finding Discharge in Your Underwear

A common symptom of a yeast infection is discharge of some type. You might experience watery discharge, or you could experience thick, white discharge. Most people compare this type of discharge to cottage cheese. In a mild yeast infection, you might only experience a small amount of discharge. Discharge from a yeast infection tends to be odorless, but it can be disturbing to find this in your underwear.

You Might Also Have a Complicated Yeast Infection

These are all signs of a relatively mild yeast infection, but you could have a more intense version, called a complicated yeast infection. If you’re developing sores externally or you’re having yeast infections frequently, at least four times a year, that’s in the neighborhood of a complicated yeast infection. Also, if you’re pregnant, have a compromised immune system, or uncontrolled diabetes, your yeast infection may be complicated.

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN in Stockbridge, GA wants to help you to get your yeast infection under control, whether it’s mild or more complicated. It’s uncomfortable to deal with a yeast infection, and there are treatments that can help you to find relief fast. Call us right away and we can schedule an appointment for you to get an accurate diagnosis.

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