Best Ways To Help With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

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Don’t worry. Your morning sickness will subside soon. Usually, pregnant women only suffer from morning sickness through their first trimester, and there are some things you can do alleviate the admittedly troublesome symptoms. First, schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN to make certain everything is okay. Then, do the following. We here at Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN find this advice to be the most successful for our patients.

Adjust Your Morning Routine

Set your alarm an hour earlier than normal to allow yourself to wake up and get out of bed slowly. Keep dry cereal or crackers on your nightstand and eat just a little when you first wake up. This puts a small amount of food in your tummy to prevent morning nausea. If you can tolerate it, drink a little bit of water, too, and then rise and shine.

Adjust Your Daily Routine

Rather than eat a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snack throughout the day. Smaller meals every couple of hours helps stave nausea and prevents morning sickness from taking over. You don’t want to get too full. Right now, your progesterone levels are higher than normal which slows down your digestion, so eat smaller portions more often.

Drink water on an empty stomach about a half-hour before you eat. This will help you feel a little fuller to avoid overeating. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, too, to avoid getting dehydrated. If you start to feel a little sick to your stomach, make a homemade ginger tea with warm water and fresh ginger or try a little ginger ale to stave the symptoms.

Adjust Your Evening Routine

Keep your evening meals bland to avoid morning sickness at night. You might crave a greasy pizza or spicy tacos, but hold off on those types of foods until you’re further along in your pregnancy. Bland foods are the best way to go until you get a handle on your nausea, so keep it light and hit the hay early to get plenty of rest.


Speaking of rest, you should rest when you can throughout the day and always try to get a good night’s sleep. There will be times when you can’t make this happen, but nap when you can if you’re tired and try to relax through the strange pregnancy dreams at night. Don’t lay down right after eating, however, as this could make you nauseous.

Eagle’s Landing OB/GYN wishes you a safe and fulfilling pregnancy. If you still suffer from morning sickness even after implementing these tips, please call us 770-474-1919. We’d be happy to set up an appointment for you at our Stockbridge, GA, office.

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