How To Avoid Yeast Infections And UTIs During The Summer

Summertime brings many things: sunny afternoons by the pool, last-minute road trips, fireflies…and that burning sensation when you pee. Wait, what? Yes, yeast infections and urinary tract infections are more prevalent during swimsuit season (bacteria flourish in warm, damp environments), and if you’ve ever had one, you know they can ruin an otherwise lovely week. So, to make your summer yeast-free, check out these tips for vaginal health:

Ditch the Damp Bathing Suit

Summer clothing doesn’t take up much space, so stash a fresh change when at the pool or beach. Sure, it’s convenient to pull on a trendy cover-up and go, but lingering in a wet swimsuit gives week-ruining bacteria a place to congregate (and multiply). Opting for swimwear that has moisture-wicking material helps, as well.

Limit Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine, the chemical used to keep pools and hot tubs sanitary, kills bad bacteria as well as the good kind that keep your vagina healthy. Pair that with the heat of a hot tub (which encourages yeast growth) and you have a dangerous environment. When this happens, you can become more susceptible to pH imbalance that leads to infection. This doesn’t mean you must avoid pool time, but stay aware and take frequent breaks.

Drink Lots of Water

Solid advice any time of year, staying hydrated will keep the bladder flushed, decreasing the risk of a UTI. Not to mention, water helps your body in pretty much every way imaginable.

Stock Up on Good Bacteria

You have a slew of bacteria down there that keep the area fully functional, so develop an arsenal of infection-fighting bacteria. This means adding yogurt and/or probiotics to your daily diet. The good news is, there’s no shortage of ways to do this–make a smoothie or parfait and add some of your favorite fruit. It also helps to lower alcohol and sugar consumption, as bacteria love sweet environments.

Pay Attention

If you’re prone to yeast infections and UTIs, all it takes is one misstep to invite harmful bacteria into a sacred environment. So take a few precautions this summer and aim for optimal vaginal health. And at the first sign of itching/burning during urination or unusual discharge, make an appointment with your physician. Because nothing should ruin your beach vibes.

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