AVIVA Scarless Labiaplasty


AVIVA is life changing for women who are self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance of their vagina. In fact, the main reasons for this procedure are discomfort and esthetics. AVIVA is best for women who feel discomfort or irritation when wearing tight clothing, experience uncomfortable sex, or simply are not happy with the appearance of their genitals. It is common for women to be born with a large or irregular labia, while others develop this condition after childbirth or with aging. Traditionally, labiaplasty surgery has been performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. The surgical procedure required cutting away the excess tissue, requiring stitches, several days of recovery, post-surgical care and a lengthy break from sexual activity. AVIVA dramatically reduces the recovery time, uses a local anesthetic and requires no stitches with little to no pain involved. It’s easy, safe and gives women back control.


AVIVA uses RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) to address some of the shortcomings associated with traditional surgical labiaplasty. Heat energy is used both internally and to the surface to tighten skin layers as it removes unwanted bulky tissue, eliminating the need to cut way tissue that leaves the patient with stitches and small scars. It is proven to be a safe and effective treatment!

AVIVA is one of the first revolutionary non-surgical procedures available that dramatically reduces the size of the labia. Performed under mild sedation, AVIVA permanently extracts unwanted thickness through small incision sites then tightens and shrinks the tissue using the power of radio frequency. Because tissue is immediately eliminated, it is a true form of reduction. The results can be seen instantly and are permanent with most patients back at work within 1-2 days. Patients usually only require one treatment per area. AVIVA improves over a period of a few months. The full extent of the results usually takes up to 12 weeks to be visible.

Unlike a traditional labiaplasty that requires cutting away labia tissue, AVIVA shrinks the tissue, thereby eliminating many of the surgical risks that come with a traditional surgical labiaplasty. While you may have some light irritation in the first few days after your treatment, it is highly unlikely that you will have the common side effects of surgical labiaplasty, such as lingering pain, dryness, bleeding, scaring, or loss of sensitivity.

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 3-6 months.

You may want to plan to have a couple of days off work – or plan around a period when your time is flexible. Many patients are back to work within 1-2 days after the procedure. When we discuss your treatment plan, we’ll help you estimate your necessary time away from work.

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